Update on Tupler Technique

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ReviewA couple weeks ago I showed you my progress so far.  In case you missed it, here it is:



While I'm very happy with the results, it has taken a lot of work.  There are many weeks where I don't feel like I'm seeing a difference, or as big of a difference as I feel like I should be.   I got online to www.diastasisrehab.com and was looking at the before & after pictures of other women who have completed this journey.  They are an inspiration, and have kept me going when I feel discouraged.

These images, and more, are located on the website here.



It's been very hot lately, forcing me to wear a tank top under the split, but it still seems like I'm more hot and sweaty than usual.  I should have done this over the winter! One positive is I've noticed I'm not eating as much, because the split is helping hold everything in and preventing my stomach from pushing out of my abdominal wall.  This would have been very helpful during Thanksgiving dinner!