National Adoption Month - Born from the Heart

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As an adoptive Mom I worry about my kids understanding adoption and knowing how much we love them. They may not contain my DNA but they hold my heart and soul in their hands. We have purchased many books talking about adoption and explaining it in the terms of children. Berta Serrano captures my own feeling in her book, Born from the Heart. 


 "Rose dreamed of her baby every night . . . She couldn't wait to share hugs and giggles.”

Every child is born from the heart—whether or not the mother gave birth to that baby. This poetic and magical parable celebrates the richness of family as Rose and Charlie embark on the search for the child they so desperately want. As Rose's dream gets closer to coming true, her heart grows and grows . . . until it bursts with happiness, laughter, and wonder when she finally kisses the beautiful face of her new baby.

First time author Berta Serrano and her brother Alfonso Serrano are the author-illustrator team behind this warm and quirky love letter for Berta's adopted son.

Born From The Heart

Author Q&A with Berta Serrano


Q: Why did you write Born From The Heart? How did the book come into being?

A: Born from the Heart is my love letter to my son.  I decided to write this book shortly after my son realized that I was not his biological mother. It is a tale to reinforce the bond of love that exists between us and to celebrate the birth of our family, and provides a springboard for families looking to have a deeper conversation.


Q: Who is the audience for this book? Who should read this book and why?

A: This book can be approached in many ways and for that reason the audience is broad.  It is appropriate for parents and children that are willing to explore their relationships, for families that want to celebrate their love and how they came to be. It is also appropriate for expecting parents.


Q: What is the meaning of the title, Born From The Heart?

A: It is my understanding that something born from the heart is pure and done out of love.


Q: How did your brother come to create the illustrations? What was your process of collaboration with him?

A: My brother and I have always had a very good relationship. We usually share our ideas and give each other feedback. When I called him to discuss the possibility of the book, he was moved by the story and thrilled to take on the challenge. Alfonso had to find the way to represent Rose’s growing heart. After that was resolved, the process was fairly easy.


Q: Can you describe the moment you saw your son for the first time?

A: It is really hard to describe it, as at that moment I was full of intense emotions. It was the most powerful moment I have ever lived.


Q: What was your son’s response after reading the story? How has it helped him understand his unique family?

A: My son understood the message of love in the book on the first reading. Nonetheless, his response to the book changes every time we read it. The reason why we enjoy the story so much is because it allows my son and I to revisit the genesis of our family, and what we were before we came together.


Q: In one or two sentences, what would you like to say to families looking to adopt a child?

A: Adoption is a wonderful alternative to form a family. I feel immensely happy and lucky to have my son.


Born From The Heart

By Berta Serrano

Illustrations by Alfonso Serrano

Sterling Children’s Books

Publication date:  October 2013



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