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Raising a family after introducing a newborn can be tough work. Our oldest two have enjoyed having a new brother in the family but finding time for actual family time with a newborn in the house is tougher than you'd think. Between work, no sleep, catering to the needs of a new baby and juggling in the needs of a spouse and older children, there just never seems to be enough time to stop and have family time like we used to. It just seems like we're always so busy!


That's why I love bath time. It's the one time out of the day that we can all be together and have a good time. I can bathe the little ones, throw in the bath toys and let the boys play while I give the baby a bath nearby. I'm far enough away to give the boys their space but also close enough so that I can still engage with them and see to their needs if any arise. I usually give them about 20 minutes of bath time, enough time to get nice and pruney, before I drain the tub but I never hear any complaints. 20 minutes is more than enough time to splash around and conjure up different games to play with their assortment of toys. 


Before I drain the tub for the older boys, I focus on the needs of our youngest first. This is where the Turkish Towel by Baby Ashkim comes in. Made of silky bamboo and rayon, these towels are incredibly soft to the touch and I've never hesitated to wrap our newborn up in it. In addition to being oh, so soft, the bamboo and rayon blend also feels great on skin, especially the delicate skin of little ones. Little Ashkim has made it their mission to provide the softest towel available for your children. Boasting the legendary quality of Turkish towels, the bamboo and rayon blend is soft but extra absorbent, breathable and lightweight with the added benefit of being quick drying.  They sent me the nicest one to test out! 



Founded by a Mom, who like me, is passionate about finding the best quality for her little ones, Little Ashkim helps provide parents with peace of mind and the best clothing and towels as possible. The company was founded with their littlest customers, baby's and children, in mind. All creations from Little Ashkim are manufactured in Turkey, to play on the founders heritage and are designed to last; from your youngest to your oldest. 


To learn more about Little Ashkim you can visit them on Facebook


Check out their website to see all the great things they have to offer:

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