Kevel Mommy

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Kevel has created the Kevel Mommy.... which is the perfect accessory for new moms and pregnant moms-to-be! You can use the Kevel Mommy throughout your pregnancy and after the baby comes! :) The good news? You don't have to throw away those pants that don't fit perfectly..... Just use Kevel! The different options that Kevel offers are perfect for expecting moms, new moms, or even those of us who still haven't lost that baby weight from a few years ago!!!
It’s every woman’s worst nightmare…that favorite pair of designer jeans that one day don’t fit! We hold onto those so-called “skinny” jeans in the fervent hope that we will slide back into them…one day. That day is today thanks to the ingenuity of the Kevel Fly Tie.This fashion break-through innovation, designed by Rachel Kearl, was born out of her own frustration over no longer fitting into her favorite, expensive designer jeans, and don’t even mention those zipper-gate moments with low-rise jeans, and finally the pregnancy frustration of wishing she could expand her jeans so they could see her through her ever-growing and changing body. Her idea sprung from using a hair tie at first to give that little bit of extra room to her no-longer fitting favorite jeans, which then morphed into a prototype based on a hair band and finally the holy grail of fashion saviors – the Kevel Fly Tie.
Just as one size jean does not fit all, the Fly Tie is not a one size fits all solution. There are three versions. Perfect Fit for those jeans that no longer quite fit. These work by attaching the rubber tag to the button, then looping the bands through the zipper and then through the button-hole. Instant favorite jean fit fix! These are $14.99 with four per pack. Kevel Mommy works on the same basis as Perfect Fit and comes in three waist- expanding sizes that allow for comfort which equals a happy mommy rocking her favorite funky jeans throughout her pregnancy. The Kevel Mommy has a price of $16.99 with six per pack. Kevel Fly Tie is your guarantee against any zipper revealing moments. Simply attach the rubber tag to the button and the single band to your zip, instantly securing and ensuring against open fly syndrome! These are available at only $9.99 with four per pack. Kevel Fly Tie is available at Nordstorm, Duane Reade and Buy Buy Baby.