Hi There Guru Kelly with WDW Guru Travel!!

My very favorite thing about traveling with Disney is the extra magic and unpublished surprises that are out there. I am sure there are so many little secrets that have yet to be discovered. Disney Cruise Line is no different from Disney parks in that they have created some of their own special magic too.

I recently planned our first cruise together as a family. While I have done cruises previously for work I have yet to do it with my kids so I wanted to do as much research as I could to make the trip extra special. One of the first tips I came across was so simple yet it ended up being a family favorite and it was SUPER inexpensive.

Before you sail purchase a set of Sharpie markers and a pillowcase. Pack the markers and pillowcases into a zip-lock bag.  Then, as soon as you board the ship head on over to Guest Services and drop off your items. They will have you fill out a short form with your name and stateroom number. They will ask you if you want Mickey and friends or Princesses signatures. They will take your items and they will magically appear in your stateroom autographed the last night of your cruise. I love this tip because for about $11 I got two priceless souvenirs that my kids are still using.


My boys sleep with their pillowcases every single night and not a night goes by where they don’t mention our awesome vacation when they go to sleep.

*I will caution you that I was told they can only do two items per stateroom. I do have three children but my 16 year old did not want to partake so we did not even try to ask for another one.

Some other items to consider:

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