Beach Necessities!

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My family recently had a wonderful beach vacation! The best vacation we have had yet! We got to try out some great stuff while there that I am excited to tell you about!


Zoe B Organic makes the cutest organic beach toys! As soon as they arrived I knew my boys were going to put them to good use and I was absolutely right. It's a 5 piece set including a bucket, sifter, shovel and 2 cups. The boys ended up using it to build their own "beach bathtub". b2ap3_thumbnail_20130610_125837-1.jpg



Some of my favorite points about these toys are that they are made in the USA and from corn, not petroleum. This means they are safe for the ocean as they are biodegradable! If your child accidentally loses a piece in the ocean you don't have to chase it down as it will fully break down in 2 to 3 years. If you are planning a beach trip or if you are looking for toys for your backyard sandbox visit and pick up this cute set!

My sons LOVE sunglasses and have several pairs but their newest favorites are definitely from Eyes Cream Shades. Not only did they use them the whole time we were on vacation they actually kept up with them and brought them home to continue to use! These two typically go through several pairs of sunglasses a year as they lay them down wherever or play with and break them. Not to worry with Eyes Cream Shades! They are not only comfy and cute but also durable (really, my 5 year old can break most anything but not these). Sunglasses are important to protect your child's eyes and these provide 100% UVA&UVB protection as well as having polycarbonate lenses. You can purchase them at


The ShowNo kids towel is the ultimate kids beach towel. This towel can be worn over the child's swimsuit to the beach. One less thing for Mom and Dad to carry! It proved to be incredibly absorbent but the best thing for me was that it is long and covers the child's body so well that they can quickly change clothes while wearing it. b2ap3_thumbnail_20130620_191224-1.jpg

 I HATE dragging my 5 year old into public changing rooms as he wants to touch everything and I just see germs everywhere I look. With the ShowNo towel we were able to use the outdoor shower on him and then he put on his towel, dried off and changed clothes right on the boardwalk. These are available for only $19.99 at

My absotively, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all time favorite (can you tell I liked it?) product was Sand Gone! This is a dry powder with a light scent that removes the sand from your body! I am not a beach/sand fan and would avoid it if it weren't for my children. I was SO excited to try this product and got the opportunity on our first day of vacation. After playing with the sand toys my kids wanted a snack. Of course my hands and theirs were covered in sand. Who wants a sandy snack? No one! I pulled out the Sand Gone and applied it first to my hands. Eureka! Bye, bye sand. Then I used it on the boys hands and they were able to have a sand free snack. I put my Sand Gone to good use every day of vacation. You can get your own at b2ap3_thumbnail_sandgone.jpg