Aerobie Flying Disc

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Have you ever wished there was a frisbee that would pretty much go where you wanted it to go...regardless of how poor you threw it? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately there are no perfect flying discs like this on the market but there is one that is close. The Aerobie is a flying disc that is touted as being the easiest to throw so it was worth a shot.

First it is important to note that I am a very poor frisbee thrower.

Growing up I loved to throw a frisbee around but I would get frustrated. Often the disc would end up in the tree, over the fence or generally nowhere near the target I was throwing at. If I was lucky enough to be having “a good throwing day” the odds were pretty good that one of my throwing partners would be off….somebody would be chasing the frisbee all over the place in other words.

Bottom line...if the Aerobie works for me it will work for you. I am not a champion thrower by any means.

First Impressions of the Aerobieb2ap3_thumbnail_71ta20vJ0vL._SL1500_.jpg

Right out of the box I noticed that this disc is not like any other I had used. The product feels almost cushy in your hands and the edges are made to be easier to grab. The colors and variations available are interesting too. That said, we went with the blue basic version that can be found here.

The disc was sturdy, yet very lightweight and easy to handle. It certainly catches your attention and makes you want to throw it! It almost seems space age to look at and is quite attractive right out of the box.

What about Price?

Not only was I impressed with how it looked, the price was awesome as well. We got the Aerobie for only ten bucks. For reference, you can get these at pretty much any Sporting goods stores not to mention online. A huge bonus to our purchase was the clear notification on the front of the box that said Made in the USA! That never hurts for sure.

So how did the Aerobie perform?

We decided to start off slow just gently tossing the Aerobie from a distance of about 20 feet or so and that went extremely well. Pretty much every toss was right on target and it was instantly clear that this disc was built to perform. Just tossing a small distance like that was fun and incredibly accurate, but not many people like to throw frisbees or discs from that close. That said, we stretched out our distance a little at a time.

What quickly became apparent to me was that the Aerobie was not perfect. My really bad tosses were still really bad. What I did notice, however, was that I had far less of them. The disc is so easy to throw and aim that I rarely was off target even at a long distance. If the throw was bad, it was clearly because of my own poor aim and acting silly. If you intend to throw back and forth and be accurate, this disc makes it possible to do so with pretty much any skill level.

What about wind?

Wind was not a factor on the days we threw the Aerobie around. It was windy some days and not on others and the disc would slice right through the wind. That was rather amazing to me and I attribute it to an incredible design. It certainly wasn’t my expertise at throwing.

Final Thoughts

The Aerobie, priced at right around ten bucks, is a steal. This is one of the most incredible products for the money I have seen in the industry and is worth every single penny. If you are poor at throwing the frisbee but you like doing it, this product is one you need to try. You will not regret it.

Check out the entire Aerobie line by clicking here! 

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