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The new Activate Games here in Louisville offers high-tech games that test your team’s physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges.



Once inside, you and your team choose from hundreds of combinations of games and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes. Your electronic wristband tracks your score and progress throughout your experience making Activate perfect for a casual night out or intense competition.


5 of us went last weekend and we had a blast! From touch-activated climbing walls to laser mazes, this live-action experience caters to all skill levels, ages 10 and up. With 75 minutes inside our gaming arena, groups of three to five will experience action, competition, strategy and pure fun.   Each room has lots of different levels to choose from so we started with the easiest and worked our way up as we had time.  It will be fun to go back again and know which levels we can handle but still be able to challenge ourselves with new ones!

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It is recommended for ages 10 and up but my 9 year old went with us and loved it and was able to keep up. Each session is 75 minutes and it is recommended that you make a reservation ahead of time.  The costs is $25 per person but use code SUMMER2020 for 20% off!  Clean, dry flat-footed shoes,running shoes are recommended. The games have been designed for adults, and therefore will be physically and mentally challenging for anybody under the age of 10. Activate requires a paid adult to be in the games at all times with children 10 years old and younger (this rule does not apply to school groups). For children between the ages of 11-13, an adult must be present at the facility throughout the entire gaming experience.


Please note, the paid adult counts towards your team of 2-5. If your group exceeds the size limit, you will be asked to split into smaller groups and an additional adult will be required in each grouping. The great thing is that the wristbands you wear keep track of the points that you earn and when you go back the next time you can keep adding on to your points and earning prizes. 


2-5 players: play as many 1-3 minute private games as you can in the 75 minutes.
6 or more players: create multiple teams and switch up as often as you like.


They also have a great party room if you want to host a birthday party there or even do a team building exercise!